Design Group
est. 1987
We Create Modern Interiors
How It Works
Initial Consultation
We initiate with a thorough consultation to grasp your vision and requirements for the space, ensuring we understand your unique style, functional needs, and budget considerations.
Concept Development
Our skilled team of designers crafts a comprehensive design concept, utilizing mood boards, sketches, and 3D visualizations to bring your ideas to life. This collaborative process guarantees a cohesive and visually appealing design.
Design Presentation
We present the finalized design proposal, incorporating detailed visual representations, material samples, and an in-depth explanation of our design choices. We welcome your input and address any questions or modifications you may have to ensure your satisfaction.
Design Refinement and Implementation
Based on your feedback, we refine the design, finalize material selections, and coordinate with vendors and contractors. We manage all logistics to seamlessly implement the design plan while keeping you informed throughout the process.
Final Reveal and Project Completion
The moment arrives to unveil your transformed space, showcasing our meticulous attention to detail and execution. We walk you through the finished project, highlighting the unique elements that make it distinctly yours. We provide ongoing support even after completion to address any concerns or provide further assistance.
What Our Clients Say
    • Sophia Martinez
      "Throughout the entire process, the team at Ed Milan demonstrated exceptional professionalism, communication, and responsiveness. They were attentive to our needs, actively involved us in decision-making, and provided expert guidance at every step. Their commitment to delivering a personalized experience ensured that our vision was brought to life with precision and care."
    • Olivia Davis
      "The team at Ed Milan took the time to understand our personal style and preferences, and then seamlessly integrated them into a design concept that exceeded our expectations. Their ability to combine elegance, functionality, and timeless beauty is truly remarkable. They brought a fresh perspective to each room, creating unique and captivating spaces that evoke a sense of sophistication and opulence."
    About Our Team
    Ed Milan (Edoardo Milani) was a renowned interior designer whose artistic vision and impeccable taste revolutionized the world of interior design. Born in Italy and raised in the United States, Edoardo's multicultural upbringing greatly influenced his design sensibilities, blending the timeless elegance of European aesthetics with contemporary American flair.

    From an early age, Edoardo displayed an innate talent for creativity and an eye for beauty. After studying design and architecture, he embarked on a remarkable career that spanned several decades. Edoardo's innovative designs and meticulous attention to detail garnered him international acclaim, making him one of the most sought-after interior designers of his time.

    Tragically, Edoardo passed away in 2020, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire and captivate. His team, comprised of talented designers mentored by Edoardo himself, remains dedicated to carrying on his visionary work and maintaining the high standards he set.

    Under the leadership of Edoardo's team, his design firm has continued to flourish, creating awe-inspiring spaces that reflect Marco's design ethos. The team honors his memory by preserving his design principles, incorporating his signature style, and delivering exceptional interiors that evoke both sophistication and functionality.
    • Emma
      Partner, Interior Designer
      Creative mind behind captivating interior spaces. Passionate about blending colors and textures to create harmonious environments.
    • Audrey
      Partner, Architect, Designer
      Eco-conscious designer dedicated to sustainable interior solutions. Combines nature-inspired elements with modern design principles.
    • David
      3D-modelling, postprocessing
      3ds Max, Corona, Vray
      Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve
    • Eva
      Purchasing manager
      Resourceful purchasing manager skilled in budget management and cost optimization.
    • Sara
      Project manager
      Proactive project manager with a talent for problem-solving. Keeps projects on track and within budget, exceeding client expectations.
    • Joshua
      Interior Designer
      Expert in luxury interior design, known for her impeccable taste and ability to curate opulent and inviting spaces.
    • Charlotte
      Diligent accountant with 7 years of experience in financial analysis and reporting. Ensures accuracy and compliance in all financial matters.